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Since childhood, I have enjoyed reading because through it I could explore unfamiliar perspectives. Even then, perception fascinated me. Every human encounter poses this question of how things are perceived on both mechanistic and cultural levels, and each reaffirms my decision to pursue both layers through my studies in neuroscience and digital media studies. 


I studied the brain (and the rest of the nervous system) because its function forms the basis of humanity’s future as well as its history. My appreciation for the wonder of human consciousness means I never feel more fulfilled than when I’m learning or helping others learn. 


I studied digital media because technology intrinsically affects how we communicate, which in turn determines our ability to function as a society. The aforementioned appreciation I have for human consciousness has also instilled in me a reverence for our artistic capacity, and I consider immersing myself in digital culture my responsibility as a global citizen. Like the walls of books in the library behind the house I grew up in, digital media provide innumerable and excellent tools to engage other perspectives and challenge long-held views.


My desire to understand and engage is matched only by my drive to create and compete. I apply all four of these cardinal principles of mine (understand, engage, create, compete) to my every endeavor.

Feel free to use the channels below to contact me about opportunities and collaborations. I look forward to meeting you.


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